Nouveau Raw’s Pumpkin Cranberry Bread

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Photo © Amie Sue/

Amie Sue is passionate about making raw bread (and yes, there *is* such a thing as raw bread). How passionate? You be the judge. Here’s Amie Sue:

Whenever I make raw bread it brings out the “gramma” in me….I LOVE taking pictures of raw bread, so much that I am tempted to create a brag book and carry it in my purse.  haha  ”Hello Ethel, how are you?  How are the kids? Oh, I am fine, thank you.  Here let me show some of the latest pictures of my raw grand-bread-babies….”  LOL  I crack myself up….

That first slice, as the blade glides through the bread and as the slice falls to the side…  it always put me into the state of awe… it gives my  heart a holiday!  I never knew I could get so emotional over a piece of bread.

Over at Amie Sue waxes eloquent about that grand-bread-baby and the recipe for Raw Pumpkin Cranberry Bread (which requires dehydration at 145 degrees — just a heads up on that). And of course the natural sweetener is raw agave nectar. She adds:

[T]his bread is not light and fluffy….Nor, is it loaded with chemicals, unpronounceable ingredients, gluten, dairy, sugar, corn, or soy.  It is heavier in weight, and…denser….It is known to cause a full stomach to rumble with hunger,  and cause drool to weep unknowingly from the corner of your mouth…. [T]his bread requires, no it demands your undivided attention.  Quiet your mind, close down your computer,  set the table, light a few candles,  turn on some soft music, prepare your piece of bread and savor each bite.  Give thanks for its nourishment and enjoy….

After all this passion, we can’t resist the unavoidable pun: This is a labor of love. (Shhh… keep your groaning on the quiet side…you don’t want to wake up the pumpkin bread baby…)

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